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Beam & Block Flooring


Le Roc Beam & Block is a suspended flooring system composed of pre-stressed concrete beams with standard building blocks providing the infill. It is designed for use at both ground and upper floor levels in a wide variety of domestic and commercial buildings.

The Benefits of Beam & Block Fooring include:

SPEED - Installation is rapid and uncomplicated, with no need for specialist skills.

DURABILITY - Precast Concrete is unaffected by climatic conditions during installation, and when in place is suitable for moderate exposure.

FIRE RESISTANCE - LeRoc Beam & Block floors can achieve a half hour fire resistance without additional finishes.

THERMAL INSULATION - The mass of Beam & Block flooring can act as a thermal store, which may reduce heating costs.

SOUND INSULATION - Beam & Block floors now offer a far better sound reduction between floors using a modified system, specified for building regulations as detailed Robust Details Part E.

QUALITY - All components in the LeRoc range are manufactured to the highest standards.

COST SAVINGS - Beam & Block installed costs are comparable to timber but subsequent costs are reduced.

FIRST FLOORS IN HOUSES - Beam & Block floors are ideal for first floors in houses.

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